Sunday, April 13, 2014

Easter 2014!

This year is Adylee's second Easter and I am so excited! She finally is able to do egg hunts and really appreciate the presents she gets from the Easter bunny! 

It all started with a small Easter egg hunt at her daycare on the Thursday before Easter. She didn't quite understand the concept of picking up the eggs and handing them to me but she still enjoyed herself. 

We then dyed some Easter eggs on Friday and decorated cookies for Easter! She had so much fun dying the eggs. Her facial expressions speak for the self. 

On Sunday the real fun began! The Easter bunny was very generous to miss Adylee! One basket was from me and the other was from my parents. I know that I probably went a little overboard but I just couldn't help myself. 

When she woke up she was so excited to see all the gifts and kept pointing to it! She couldn't wait to rip into all of it. 

She then ran around and found some eggs that the Easter bunny dropped at our house. 

Afterwards we got dressed and went to church because the true meaning of Easter is for Christ and we are Christians. We originally were supposed to wear semi matching dresses but I just couldn't get comfortable in my dress so I took it off. But Adylee still looked adorable!! 

After church we went to her other grandparents house where she had another egg hunt. She got over 50 eggs and loved every single minute of it. She finally got the idea of how to pick up the egg and put it in a bag and keep moving. Afterwards, we came back home and enjoyed ANOTHER egg hunt with her cousins. She wanted to get all the eggs :) 

We enjoyed some dinner and then headed back to her grandparents house so they could spend some more time with her. All in all, she had a very exciting Easter! She loved every single minute of it!! 

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