Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas 2013: Adylee's second Christmas

So it's been a while since I last made a post and decided that I would like to try to start this up again. Not only for updates on Adylee but also to maybe be able to get out some of my thoughts that jumble around in my head! 

Anyways!!! Christmas was recently (duh) so I thought that posting what miss Adylee Marie got for Christmas would be a great way to get back into the blogging world! So here we go :) 

Christmas started for us on Christmas Eve when her Mimi and Papa handed out the traditional Christmas Eve pjs 

Then on Christmas Day is when the fun began! First up was Christmas Day at my house with my parents and boy was she spoiled rotten! Santa brought lots as did mommy, Mimi/papa, titi and tio! From Santa came her princess chair, Minnie Mouse, an outfit, hello kitty pjs, puzzle, Cinderellas pet pumpkin (such a cute story behind this!!!), rapunzel and Flynn little people, Barbie DVD, fisher price laugh n learn chair, sofia the first puzzle mat, a Cinderella wand, Cinderella socks, pack of socks, Minnie Mouse wand, m&ms, purse, care bear book, laugh and learn sis puppy, Minnie Mouse book, piano princess book, links to play with and her fisher price vanity! Wow that's a lot!!! 

Then from her Mimi and papa came her little people princess castle which she absolutely loves!!! 

Mommy got her a sofia the first ball pit! 

Then came her Tio (uncle) and aunt Kelly! They added to her little people collection with the little people Ariel carriage 

Then her titi (aunt) got her the matching sofa of her princess chair 

Her second Christmas was at her grandma and grandpas house. Daddy had surprised us and came into town so that was one of her gifts from him. He also bought her something that we got today. But from her grandma and grandpa she got lots of Minnie Mouse things! They had decided to do a theme and got her nothing but Minnie Mouse which she also loves besides sofia the first. Included in this theme was an umbrella stroller, towel with Minnie wash cloth, two sets of pjs, Minnie outfit, an overnight bag, medium sized Minnie with a blanket, and a Minnie Mouse hair dryer set. 

From her aunt dawn and uncle nick she got the Snow White cottage to add to her little people collection 

Then her uncle jim got her a cute little monkey 

And her uncle Shawn and aunt Alyssa got her a slumber party Minnie, mini my little pony and a dollar to add to her piggy bank. 

Then today, her daddy sent me some money and told me to get her something that she would love. So I decided to add to her little people collection! She got belle and Prince Adam and the Klip Klop stable! 

Oh and not to mention all the stuff that the church and one of my parents got her for Christmas as well!!! And she still has one gift left from one of her teachers! 

Needless to say miss Adylee was a spoiled rotten girl this Christmas! She enjoyed every single minute of it though. I was so excited for Christmas with her this year since she could open gifts and understand a little more! Next year will be ten times more fun! I am so thankful for what everyone has given her!!!