Friday, January 24, 2014

Cloth Diapering: My Journey to become a CD Momma

I had always loved seeing all the cute fluffy bums and prints but never really made the dive into becoming a cloth diapering mom. I had bought some pocket diapers to try it out but just could never get into it. I didn't like how it looked on Adylee or the constant laundry (I only had 5) so I decided to quit and go back to regular pampers until she was potty trained.

Well, recently I hit a financial snag and really needed a way to stop spending $50 on diapers every week. Between home, going places and daycare I was going through boxes of diapers much faster than I liked. I had a talk with one of my parents at my daycare who cloth diapers and I asked her how much she saved. When she told me, my jaw hit the floor. I never realized how much I had spent on diapers in a year and 6 months. So I decided to go with a different route of diapers than the pockets. I looked and looked and had remembered that my parent told me that her Flip diapers were her absolute favorite. So I decided to buy some covers and inserts. I was hooked!

We now have 15 inserts and 9 covers with one on the way and I plan on buying more in a few days. I love the prints on them, clean up is easy, washing them is a breeze and they fit Adylee very well. I am super pleased with the Flip brand of cloth diapers. 

I know inserts and covers aren't very every cloth diapering momma but for me they have worked the best. I find them to be so much more easier than pockets and I really can't wait to make the plunge into doing them all the time. Right now we only use the cloth diapers at home because it's a bit hard for her teacher at daycare to do two cloth diapered kids and especially cause they are using the same brand and colors. Just easier so nothing gets mixed up. But soon I plan on getting rid of Pampers unless we are going out to the store or when she is sleeping. 

I highly suggest that if you are a new mom wanting to cloth diaper, a mom who stopped and wants to get back in it or a mom who just wants to try them that you try out the Flip diaper system. You may fall in love like I did!!

Mother's Can Be Selfish Too! (Guest Post from Hell0Ashleyy)

Hi, my name is Ashley & I blog over at Hell0ashleyy. I am a southern mommy blogger. & I am super excited to be visiting my friend Kimmy.
 She is amazing, which you guys already know I am sure.
 & her mini is just the cutest! 

Mothers can be selfish too.

Okay this post is not a sweet lovey dovey post about my love for my mini.
 I love her with everything in me. 
This is a post on selfish reasons i enjoy/love being a mom. 
Just throwing a little humor into your day. 
Lord know we all need it from time to time. 

Reasons I love being a mom.

Messy buns. 
Reality is we all love our messy buns. Some days taking care of our babies 
doesn't give us time to properly fix our hair. & I am totally okay with that! 

Dirty house. 
People always tell me, don't worry about the house. That can wait. 
You spend your time with your baby. Enjoy her. Uh OKAY! House you have my permission
to become dirty! 

Baby weight is not frowned a pond.
 After having baby I really wanted to lose the 
weight & get fit. That did not happen til a year later. Everyone says aww its just baby weight
its understandable. When the truth is i gave birth almost a year and six months 
ago. It is not baby weight, its lack of motivation & chocolate! But I will go with
baby weight! ha.

Play dress up. 
I love fashion, though I dress "comfortable". But you best believe my little
cutie is going to be dressed up in all the latest fashion. Why cant this come in my size?

Because your lying if you say you do not love sitting 
& watching cartoons with your mini. 

The baby is a good excuse.
 Someone calls that you don't want to talk to, you are asked
to do something, have to go somewhere.. Whatever it is, baby is the best excuse. 
Cant baby is napping, & bam your out! 

Sweat pants & no showers. 
Secretly we all enjoy these days. No need for details 
on why. We just do. 

I am sure we all do that. Out in public, see a mommy with a baby. We automatically scoop them out.
  OMG my baby is way cuter! What is that baby wearing? OMG she still puts her baby in a cart cover! We are women, 
we love drama, & we love to judge ( lets not go overboard!). 

So there you have it.. My selfish reasons of loving motherhood. I am sure you have a few of your own. Ready set go! 
Lets hear them! 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Adylee's First Haircut

Adylee got her first haircut/trim last Saturday and I was so proud of how good she did! 

It was a very small trim since she doesn't have a ton of hair but she does have a lot of breakage which needed to be cut off so it could grow. Crossing my fingers that it does!!! 

Adylee was such a big girl and sat all by herself! I took her to where I get my haircut so it wasn't a kiddy salon but still did the trick. She got a lollipop and comb to hold and she was in heaven! 

At the end, I got a certificate and a lock of her hair to put in her baby book. I teared up. My baby is no longer an infant but now a full blown toddler. They grow up tooooo fast!!! 

Here are some pictures of miss Adylee during her haircut:

Friday, January 10, 2014

Adylee's 15 month update!

I decided to start back up with the monthly updates but will only be doing them when she goes for check ups since not much really changes between now and 18 months! Except maybe a few things but they will be documented!

Adylee turned 15 months on the first however she had her check up today so is waited to post this! 

Her check up was quite short and that really bothered me. We haven't been able to go to her normal pediatrician due to insurance issues so we went to a different one today and it's safe to say we won't be going back there. He was rude and kind of looked at me like I'm a young mom so what do I know. Which irked me to no end. 

But the basics are this:
-weighs 24 lbs and 15 oz
-is 31 and a half inches tall
-head circumference was 47 

Everything looked okay from what this quack told me. She is still harboring an ear infection and could not get all her shots so I had to schedule those for a later date. 

Her next doctors appointment will be with an ear, nose and throat doctor to discuss the possibilities of having tubes put in her ears. Adylee has had ear infections since 4 months old and I really feel as though it is delaying some of her speech. Yes she says words but not near as much as she should be. And some of them are very simple words such as, ball. I work right next to the room Adylee is in at day care so I am able to see first hand that someone is just not right. So we will see what happens! I will update ya'll on it once she has the appointment next week :)