Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Naked Skin Foundation Review

I have been using the Naked Skin foundation for about a month now and I am pretty pleased with it however, I am ready to try a new one. I've become make up obsessed! Now on to the review...

The Naked Skin foundation is liquid make up but has written on the bottle that it is weightless and ultra definition. It comes in a variety of shades as does most foundations. At the time that I bought mine I was a 4.0 which is a medium color. I probably could've went down a shade or two and still been okay but you learn as you go! It is a buildable coverage foundation and doesn't leave the caked on feeling. 

A little but goes a looooong way with this foundation. I usually only need 1 pump and that will cover my entire face. If you pump out more you're basically going to waste a lot of it or you're putting on way too much. I know it doesn't look like I pumped out a lot from the picture above but trust me, it does go on the whole face. 

Normally when I use this foundation, I use the MAC prolong wear concealer and then just put my foundation on top of it. I have also used it with out concealer and have to say that it does cover the blemishes and such but I mainly use my concealer for those under eye circles because mine are quite dark (perks of being a mom). I have read reviews on this foundation of people just using it with a primer and then going in with a finishing powder. I don't use finishing powder however, I probably should start! 

In my opinion, this is a foundation that I will definitely use more than just once. It covers well and dries like literal skin. You can hardly feel that you have foundation on which I love! I hate liquid foundation for the most part and have only ever used powder but after using this one, I have grown to like liquid. It doesn't feel cakey and most definitely doesn't look it either. I would say it's a good buy and definitely worth the money!! 

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