Sunday, March 16, 2014

Naked 2 Palette: real vs fake

I was lucky enough to finally get the real Naked 2 palette and oh my...I am in love. I had gotten the palette first off because it was 1. cheap and 2. I thought it was real. Yes I know, I should've known better but I am still new to this whole super good make up thing. Anyways, I thought I would share with you the difference between the real and the fake. Now having the real one, it's literally astounding how different they are. 

First off the packaging is a pretty significant difference. 

Real is on top and the fake is on bottom. The differences are pretty obvious. Color, design, font, even size. Just the over all look. 

Real on top and fake on bottom. Again, the differences are pretty obvious. The don't is even upside down. 

Real on bottom and fake on top. Obvious differences. More writing on the real than on the fake. 

Real on top and fake on bottom. You can tell from the pictures that the colors of the eye shadows are completely different. Plus the over all look is different. The eye shadows are circles on the fake rather than little squares like on the real. 

Real on top and fake on bottom. They look fairly similar if you take a quick glance. But they are very different in size and color. The real is more gold while the fake is brownish.

Fake on top and real on bottom. The most significant difference in the actual palette shell is that the writing is upside down. Now to move on to the swatches....

Real swatch colors are on top and the fake is on bottom. At first glance, many look similar. But if you really look you can tell the major differences. 

Foxy, Half Baked, Bootycall and Chopper. Foxy is very similar but the fake one is kind of chalky looking. The obvious difference is color is Half Baked. The fake is more orange while the real one is gold. You can see a slight difference in Bootycall as well as Chopper. To me, the real Chopper is more bronze while the fake one is a deeper bronze with a hint of orange. 

Chopper again, Tease, Snakebite, Suspect, Pistol. You can clearly see the difference in them. Tease is more brown in the real one where as the fake is like a purple. Snakebite is more brown with hints of hold and the fake is just brown. Suspect is the same with a little less brown and it seems like the fake one is the exact same color as the fake Snakebite. Pistol is more a of dark silver in the real palette and the fake one is again just brown. 

Verve, YDK, Busted and Blackout. Verve is the obvious difference with it being silver in the real palette and more brownish in the fake. Obviously the people who make the fake palette seem to like brown. YDK is another brownish goldish color (yes I realize that I've said that already but I have no idea how to describe it other than that) and the fake is again....brown but this time it has flecks of gold. Busted is similar but when you put it on you can tell the absolute difference in color. Blackout seems to be the same but again is very different when you put it on. 

So there's the swatches. Sorry if they sound the same in some colors but like I said, I have no other way to describe it. I'm not super make up savvy yes lol. 

I decided to include a pic of the inside because I wanted to show you how different they are in color as well as how similar which is why it fools people. The top is the real palette and the bottom is fake. They are very VERY different when you touch the actual color. The fake is more chalky like feeling while the real on is more silky smooth. They go on very differently as well. It's hard to blend the fake super well (at least in my opinion) than the real one. 

Another major different in the brush that they include. The real one is gold while the fake is rose colored. They feel very different also. Not sure how to explain that because again I am not super make up savvy but compared to my MAC brush the fake is just heavy I guess. There are obvious color differences in the brush colors. The real is more caramel color while the fake is straight black and white. Oh and the real brush has a number on the back where the fake one seems to miss that. 

Another thing that didn't come with the fake Naked 2 palette was the sample of the primer potion. I'm not going to include it because it's just a little booklet with a few samples of their primer potion in it. 

As you can see, there are obvious major differences in the fake palette and if you don't own the real one then you probably wouldn't ever know. I suggest that if you want the Naked 2 palette just buy the real one. Now I completely understand that it may not be realistic for you because the price is $52 at Ulta but if you want good quality colors then I would say save your money and buy it or ask for it for a holiday. I was lucky to get it for a late Valentine's Day gift. It's worth the money! 

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  1. Is the code printed on the back of the palette or on a sticker?